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“Turkic Republics; Cultural Diplomacy and Tourism”

"Turkic and Armenian Diasporas; Public Diplomacy: Opportunities and Risks"

 (28 - 30 May 2014, Edirne - Turkey)

At the beginning of 20th century; Ottoman Empire had taken precautions in order to prevent foreign powers from interfering its domestic politics and subversion of itself. Within this framework; some of the subjects of the Ottoman Empire who had been living in certain parts of Anatolia had suffered from persecution. These persecutions have been exploited by international powers against Turkey, Armenia and Armenian Diaspora from time to time.   

Under objective war conditions; it is accepted by everybody that a certain ethnic group can be forced to relocate. But the definition of the incident at the point of the sufferings of both sides and the exact and objective number of the victims has been subjected to serious discussion and dissensus. At this point, it is an undoubted reality that Turkish State and its people have been subjected to extremely unfair accusations. Again the incidents that took place in 1918 and 1992 in Azerbaijan have caused enormous pain and problems.    

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