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General Commissions

General Commissions operating affiliated with the General Council will be established so that; DTF process can be carried out effectively, DTF can accomplish the mission it has undertaken and preparatory meetings can be held within DTF.

General Commissions will be in charge of the preparation of the DTF program, the designation of speakers and meetings which will be hold within the framework of the program, the ensuring of participation in the meetings, the arrangement of required infrastructure for the realization of DTF and lastly the maintenance of more people’s and establishments’ participation in the DTF process.

General Commissions consist of:

  • Commission of Organization
  • Commission of Program
  • Commission of Development
  • Commission of Forum Preparations
  • Commission of Social and Economic Businesses
  • Commission of Publication
  • Commission of Media and Communication
  • Commission of Culture
  • Commission of Students and Youth etc.
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  • English (United Kingdom)